Dennis Eames

Dennis Eames, MS, LMFT

206-459-7994 ext. 113

I am committed to growing couple and family relationships. My mission is to cultivate secure and connected, passionate and safe relationships at home and in my counseling practice. After 10 years as a Therapist my wife and I found our marriage stuck in a painful place. Our counselor introduced us to Emotional Focused Couples Therapy (EFCT). Not only did it start our marriage on a path to healing and wholeness, it radically changed my own practice of couples counseling. As I began to learn the EFCT model I began to see couples step out of the destructive conflicts more quickly and begin to engage in more satisfying connections with each other. I got so excited that I traveled to Canada to be trained by Sue Johnson, the primary developer of EFT. More recently I have been learning to apply the principles of EFT to working with families and individuals.

I approach couples and families with curiosity and acceptance. I focus not on figuring out who is to blame and what or who needs to be changed, but on understanding the patterns of stuck back and forth interactions. Then we walk through a research-proven process of stepping out of the conflict and disconnection and creating accessible, responsive, and engaged bonds between partners and family members.

My wife and I have been married for almost 30 years and have two teenage daughters. We are moving from Alaska (where we have lived most of our lives) back to Seattle to join the team at Navigate Family Therapy.


Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy

Emotionally Focused Family Therapy

High conflict couples

Couples reeling from an affair or other betrayal

Parent/child conflict

Children (5+) dealing with anger, anxiety, depression or behavioral challenges

Teens dealing with anger, anxiety, depression or conduct challenges

Intensive couples therapy “retreats” (for more info click here)

Supervision of Associates working toward MFT or MHC Licensure (AAMFT Supervisor Candidate)

Supervision of therapists learning EFT (ICEEFT Supervisor Candidate)

Couple, Family, and Parenting workshops and trainings


ICEEFT Lifetime member

Emotionally Focused Therapy Supervisor Candidate

AAMFT Clinical Fellow

AAMFT Supervisor Candidate

Theraplay Association member


Initial Intake Session 60 Minutes – $185

Individual Therapy 53 Min./90 Min./2 hr.15 min. – $160/$270/$400

Couple or Family Therapy 50 Min./80 Min./2 Hrs. – $160/$270/$400

Insurance Coverage

Most insurance plans state they do not cover couple’s therapy. Many plans do cover therapy with family members (which includes therapy with a partner). Most plans do not cover relationship distress as the only focus of therapy. However, if one partner or family member has a diagnosable mental health disorder that is caused by or worsened by relationship issues and treating the relationship issue could improve the mental health condition, then your insurance plan might cover therapy with your partner or family.

Questions to ask your insurance plan:

  • Does my plan cover CPT codes 90847 and/or 90846?
  • Does my plan recognize Emotionally Focused Therapy for treating mental health?



Can be billed directly for clients

Offering teletherapy online. Coming this summer- services in Queen Ann and Federal Way.

What is an intensive therapy retreat?

What do you do if…

  • There isn’t a skilled EFT therapist in practice near you?
  • Your marriage or family might not survive the next several months if something doesn’t start to change now?

You take an intensive therapy retreat to the Puget Sound.

I can work with you and your availability and budget to create a one-time retreat or multi-time session retreat.

Prior to booking your intensive therapy retreat we will have a free 15-minute phone or video consultation to confirm a therapy retreat will be the right fit for you, and to work out a schedule. Then we will have 3-4 teletherapy sessions to complete an initial assessment and prepare to make effective use of our intensive time together.

To get started email or call Navigate’s intake team book your 15-minute consultation or email me: (Click Here).