Child and Adolescent Counseling

Guiding Children and Adolescents Through Tough Life Transitions

Our kids face a ton of pressure and are feeling more alone than ever in our world. We are here to help them find internal strength and resilience, as well as build up positive and supportive relationships.  If your child is struggling with anxiety, depression, or significant change, we understand how difficult that can be. Your child or teen might be showing symptoms of stress, anxiety or depression. They might be facing or coping with a significant transition such as a recent move, loss, divorce, new school or change in friends. You might notice they are having difficulty sleeping, or have a loss of energy, or just not themselves. In all these situations we can help.

Here Are Specific Challenges Where We can Help Your Child or Adolescent:

As a child or teen is dealing with anxiety, depression, significant change or loss, they may be feeling:

  • Anxious or afraid.
  • Depressed or sad
  • Challenged by a recent life event.
  • Struggling in friendship or family relationships.

As Your Therapist, We Can Help Your Kids Overcome These Struggles

Navigate Family Therapy is uniquely qualified to help you raise resilient kids. We believe that childhood and adolescence are sacred and often tumultuous times where kids need the significant support of others to be able to find strength and resilience for the hardships they face. Our clinicians first and foremost seek to build a safe, caring and trusting bond so that a young person can feel comfortable sharing their deep fears, hurts and struggles, can discover their own abilities and risk trying new things to be able to cultivate a beautiful life. We value family bonds and close relationships and so we are mindful to encourage these in a child’s life for long-lasting support.

Child and Adolescent Counseling Can Improve Your Family Dynamics:

Child and Adolescent Counseling can provide the support you need to help you find your way towards a better life. Even if you’re feeling lost now, we can help guide you in making lasting, positive changes in your life. Child and Adolescent Counseling can help you:

  • Find resources to work through tough emotions.
  • Face tough life circumstances
  • Utilize the skills to overcome conflicts.
  • Achieve healing through trauma or change.
  • Discover inner strength to live a great life.

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