Billing and Insurance


Fees are billed at each session or may be paid in advance of multiple sessions with a credit card, debit card or HSA card to Navigate Family Therapy.

For direct billing questions or updates to your payment please reach out to our billing expert Sandra Wilson at or 206-339-1855  Ext: 102, 8am-2pm PST.


Many of our clinicians are Preferred Providers with insurance plans and can offer Out of Network billing on clients’ behalf. Please refer to your clinician’s professional biography for specifics. Many insurance policies in Washington State will cover mental health services but not all and so we recommend you check with your insurance plan to be sure of your coverage, even if you see your plan on our list.

We also participate with companies as an “out of network” providers and can submit claims to pursue reimbursement on your behalf. Reimbursement will vary depending on your personal insurance plan. We cannot guarantee reimbursement from any given company and ultimately clients are responsible for the full fees for service regardless of insurance.

Most insurance companies do not cover relationship therapies such as marriage, couples or family counseling, as they will only reimburse for therapies requiring a mental health diagnosis. Some insurance organizations such as Young Life, Microsoft, Wellspring EAP and others do cover couple, family and relationship therapy.

If you would like to use your insurance benefits to pay for sessions, please contact your insurance company to inquire about mental health benefits in advance.

Here are some questions to ask:

  • Do I have mental health benefits?
  • Is my clinician a preferred or in-network provider?
  • If not, do I have coverage for out of network providers?
  • What is the amount or percentage for reimbursement?

As we are all facing the changes with COVID-19, our billing support team can help you find out if you have coverage for online or phone therapy, known as telehealth or teletherapy benefits. We also encourage you to reach out to your insurance provider to see if you have this coverage and to advocate for these services to be covered for you with your clinician.

For any insurance questions, please reach out to our billing team: Amy Toomey who can be reached at  or 206-339-1855 ext. 103 or Stephanie Fabian who can be reached at 206-339-1855 ext. 106.