Billing and Insurance


Fees are billed at each session or may be paid in advance of multiple sessions with a credit card, debit card or HSA card to Navigate Family Therapy.


Many, though not all, of the Navigate Affiliate clinicians are Preferred Providers with insurance plans for which we can submit claims for payment on your behalf. Please refer to your clinician’s professional biography page for specifics on fees and In Network insurance plans. Your Clinician can provide you with a Good Faith Estimate detailing the cost of their services. The billing team can provide specifics on your coverage for In Network providers.

If you do not see your insurance provider listed on your Clinician’s biography page, many insurance policies will still provide coverage for Out of Network mental health services, though not all. For Out of Network coverage, we recommend you check with your insurance provider. It is best to have the name and license credentials for your clinician to get the most accurate information.

For out of network coverage, here are some questions you can ask:

  • I am planning to see (Name and License of clinician) for therapy and wondering what my out-of-network benefits are for mental health in an office or Telehealth setting?
  • What is the amount for reimbursement?
  • Do I have a deductible and/or copay amount that is my responsibility to pay for sessions?
  • Is there a limit on the number of sessions covered? What is it?
  • What is the process for submitting a superbill for reimbursement? (The Navigate billing team will provide you with a detailed superbill)
  • If you are seeking couple or family counseling, ask: *Do you cover relationship counseling, specifically “Z code” diagnoses?

*Some insurance organizations such as Young Life, Microsoft, Wellspring EAP and others cover couple, family and relationship therapy with most of our clinicians and we can support you in the process for reimbursement. Many insurance companies do not cover relationship therapy and will only reimburse for therapies requiring a mental health diagnosis.

Reimbursements will vary depending on your personal insurance plan and we cannot guarantee coverage from any given company as it is a contract between the client and insurance provider. Clients are responsible for the full fees for service regardless of insurance. Using your mental health benefits may limit your choice of mental health providers because not all providers will be in-network with insurance companies. It is important to be aware that when you use benefits your mental health provider will be required to report a diagnosis code to the insurance company which becomes part of your medical record. For most individuals, this is not a concern. Others may have work-related or other personal reasons they won’t want a diagnosis reported to insurance. 

If choosing to use out-of-network mental health benefits you may have more choice in the mental health providers whom you will get some coverage working with. The process will be to pay their full fee at time of service and then submit the Superbill provided to your insurance company. The insurance company will either apply a portion of the payment to your deductible (should you have one) or send you reimbursement for a portion of the payment. Typically insurance companies pay lower rates than the individual providers charge so it will likely be a portion of the fee. Using your out-of-network benefits also means that the insurance company will have a diagnosis code on your record.