Emotionally Focused Therapy Mentoring in Greater Seattle

Emotionally Focused Therapy Immersion Cohorts

Navigate Family Therapy Affiliates James Furrow, Ph.D and Heather Sund, MS, LMFT, offer a unique learning cohort for clinicians interested in gaining expertise in all areas of EFT training. Once a month, clinicians from throughout the Pacific Northwest gather as a supportive group of colleague clinicians to grow in their expertise with EFT. Together they deep dive into the models based on their unique work and learning goals. Ranging from EFCT (Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy), EFIT (Emotionally Focused Individual Therapy), EFFT (Emotionally Focused Family Therapy) and Emotionally Focused Therapy with Trauma Survivors, many forms, skills and EFT practices are presented.

As an experiential therapy, EFT is best learned by doing and practicing where it is safe to take risks, be vulnerable and celebrate successes, just as we know is the process of our clients. Clinicians who have gone through our cohort group have felt they have increasingly mastered EFT through this immersive learning group. Case consultations are supported with teaching skills, sharing research and offering advanced learning where applicable to specific cases. These groups are characterized by lots of encouragement and celebration, and opportunities to improve clinician’s growing edge.  It is a true joy to cultivate continuing expertise as a community.

Come Tango with us to Dance your way to excellence in the EFT Cycle of learning!

Our current cohort for 2020/2021 is full. If you are interested in joining the waiting list for 2021 please write to admin@navigatefamilytherapy.com. 

What Participants Have Said:

“The experience of being in the room with other therapists, knowing that we are all in this work together, even when we are scattered across the city in separate offices, was one of the most meaningful aspects of the year for me.”

“This training has brought so much to our community, I am so grateful to be a part of it. It has been my self-care as a clinician!”

“This time each month reminded me of my original call to this work. It has felt inspiring to remember that and recognize it again through these trainings. Thank you!”