Low Fee Therapy

I believe our emotional, physical, social, and spiritual identities make up our unique stories. Therapy can help us understand our stories and help us choose new ways of being that reflect our hopes and values.

It is my fundamental belief that all people are resilient and have what they need to face life’s challenges. I look forward to creating an open, safe space for clients to discover their inner strengths and find out what it means for them to lead more fulfilling lives.

After many years of ignoring my desire to be in the counseling field, I am humbled and excited to finally enter into the profession where I can make a small contribution towards a clients journey as they pursue healing, understanding, and self-discovery.

I have always been interested in relationship dynamics and conflict resolution because I believe that even the deepest of hurts can be resolved with peace and reconciliation.

My own experiences of pain and hurt amid deep love and care have fueled my desire to help partners, parents, and children navigate similar experiences.