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Navigate Family Therapy Goes Above and Beyond

Being in private practice can be lonely – and a WHOLE lot of work! The average private practice clinician spends two additional hours on business and administration for every 1 client hour. This makes even a part time case load end up being more than full time hours, for a third of the income for the hours worked. Plus all the investments in marketing, networking and building a client load can take years.

Don’t go it alone! Let the experts in business and administration do their thing, so you can do yours. Clinicians at Navigate build the full practice they dream of within a few month’s time, with the highest income percentage in our field paid out to clinicians, and the schedule of your dreams – that you create!

Navigate Family Therapy provides high level business support to private practice professionals committed to providing the most quality care to our clients. We are a group of fun, relational, faith-based clinicians cultivating excellence in the field and intentional professional community together. We share high values for continuing to learn, grow and support one another in our work and our faith, as well as advocate for the needs of those who are discriminated against in our world. We welcome all clients, and seek to honor and work respectfully with all areas of diversity. We are mindful to build a team of people who value excellence in these shared values.

You Take Care of The Therapy and We Take Care of The Rest!

Run YOUR Therapy Practice The Way You Want

Marketing Support – Client Referrals

Client Care & Intake Team

Colleague Connection & Collaboration Events

Full EHR Subscription Including Telehealth

Full Billing and Accounting Support Team

Insurance Paneling

HIPAA Compliant Tech and Communication

Fully Furnished and Well-Appointed Offices

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We Have a Great Time Together!

As relationship focused professionals, we recognize the healing power of supportive, caring, invested community in people’s lives. Therefore this is not only foundational to our work, but part of our team dynamics and mission to provide training resources to the greater Seattle community. Our collaborative, friendship-minded and spiritually supportive clinicians are a safe haven of support in what can be an isolating and taxing profession when going it alone. We have created the dream work culture where you can feel known, encouraged, sharpened and inspired.

You can quickly build the practice and life you love by joining our team!

With significant business support you can have a thriving career doing the work you love. Leave all the headaches of administration, scheduling, intakes, billing and insurance to our excellent service team. Work from a beautifully furnished office space amongst supportive colleagues, or work from your own office. Join our regular consults, supervision groups and training opportunities. There are many ways for you to tailor-make the support you desire with Navigate Family Therapy. We take care of all the details so you can take care of your clients. Our clinicians can build the part-time or full-time private practice they envision without all the business and administration burdens that take so much time, energy, stress and cost when going it alone. Let us do all the best behind the scenes business work so that you can feel freed up to do your very best clinical work!

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Take a minute to complete our Information Request Form and a member of our team will reach out quickly. We are looking for relational, inclusive, faith-based clinicians interested in utilizing Emotionally Focused Therapy and other relational and evidence-based models of treatment. Clinicians looking to see a minimum of 15 clients and up to 30+ thrive in our business model. You choose your own schedule, hours client, load and time off with the same high level support across the board. Please tell us about you, including any evidence based modalities you use, your faith and if/how it applies to your work as a clinician, and a professional statement of diversity awareness and inclusion. We look forward to hearing from you.